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Caliber Virginia is offering exclusive user training to learn the components and context of the DLA-20 outcomes measurement tool...

Twin Hickory - Henrico County Public Library

Wednesday, Feb 12, 09:00AM

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Along with evidence-based practices in behavioral healthcare, value-based care is the focal point of realigning healthcare payment systems, emphasizing value over volume-with the desired goal for clients to improve overall biopsychosocial wellness and prevention of hospitalization, thus meeting the needs of clients and reducing the costs associated of higher levels care. Outcome measurement tools are an integral component of assessing the progress or lack of progress of clients as well as the programs and interventions in place to achieve these goals. The Daily Living Activities -20 (DLA-20) is a research-backed outcome measurement tool used to measure the daily living areas impacted by mental illness or disability, and also supports that data needs of service providers.


The DLA-20 has been identified by DMAS as a tool that will support Virginia's community based providers in determining the effectiveness of services offered.


The DLA-20 will provide a uniform statewide behavioral healthcare outcome measure for everyone receiving services in the public system for the first time in the Commonwealth.

The DLA-20 has provided statistically significant outcomes for adult mental health, substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders in other states. The tool proves more valid for client collaboration on treatment plans and more satisfactory for quick communication among teams using DLA assessments.

DBHDS and CSBs will use SPQM to collect and report data to be used with the DLA-20 to measure outcomes and effectiveness of services. Virginia community based providers are using this tool to assess all individuals receiving behavioral health services starting in January 2019.

Exclusive training is offered to learn the components and context of the DLA-20 outcomes measurement tool which is fast becoming the standard assessment for service providers nationwide.

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